Thursday, May 1, 2008

I’m finally blogging!

As one of my birthday (tomorrow) resolutions, I decided to join the world of artists, designers, illustrators and other creative minds that blog.

Since this is my first post, I thought I would introduce you to my family! Theo, my adoring husband who supports me in every way, and my children Ana-Gabriella (Gabi-6) and Alexander (Alex-3) who are my main inspiration and source of energy.

I will be posting my artwork, sketches, ideas, and an occasional family photo.

I hope this blog forces me to maintain my creativity regularly and maybe serve as a resource to others. I plan on updating this blog at least once a week.

1 comment:

artgirly said...

"Splooooosh..." (the sound of champagne hitting the screen). Congratulations! I look forward to seeing lots of wonderful art!