Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fallen Angel

This is the sketch of what will be an oil paint. This is not the final version since I'm still trying to workout some layout and composition issues. Once I have that figured out, I'll work on a color version digitally, and then I'll work on a life size canvas. (yikes! - that's going to take a while!).

I'm wondering about making it a series, and perhaps making this a recurring character ... or a series of angels, not sure yet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back to the Studio

Spring break is over and it is time to restart those creative batteries. I am trying to ignore that tiny voice inside that keeps us all from moving forward... so instead, I decided to paint for the sake of painting without a plan, or sketch or anything in mind. Things progressed rather quickly. I am not sure if I love the results, but it was worth a try.

Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate the feedback.

In less than a month it will be the second anniversary of this blog, and I cannot believe I've kept it going this long!