Friday, June 20, 2008

I am taking a poll

DIGITAL                                   Vs.                     ACRYLICS AND INK
I am posting two versions of the same illustration as an exercise I did this week. I worked from an existing sketch and both illustrations took me about the same time to finish. I would love to see what people out there like better, the clean, crisp edges from the digital piece, or the more rough around the edges look from the painted version.


Tom Barrett said...

I like'em both, but prefer the paint and ink one more. It has more depth and texture.

Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Edrian, I don't know if people are supposed to say what they voted for. But i will because I figured it would be nice for you to have a reason behind it. At least I know I would of liked that. So here it goes.

I chose digital. I saw the majority of people prefer the acrylic style. So bare in mind that this is just personal taste. There is no right or wrong here. Just that to me the digital looks more appealing and caught my eye right from the start.

Your color choices on that piece are really good and they pop and belong to each other better in the digital. The lines and clean look of the overall piece really work well with your style of drawing. And I can already see a consistent style developing here on the season pieces and this one. To me is a bit modern and sleek so the digital really fits well.

Also remember that whatever you choose, you have to like it a lot and feel conformable with it. You'll be doing a whole lot of it.

Just my thoughts. Good luck with your journey! :o)

Bella Sinclair said...

What a wonderful exercise! And frankly, I'm impressed with anyone who can be talented with multiple mediums. They're both really nice, but after deliberating, I had to vote for the painted one because of the depth.

SENTA said...

They are both great! I can't decide first the digital one really caught my eye, but the longer I looked at them I liked the texture of the other one. So now I don't know, so I am absolutely useless :)

Edrian Thomidis said...

This is great feedback! Thank you so much everyone!
So far it seems people really lean toward the hand painted one.

Alicia- My husband is with you, he likes the digital one. You make a compelling argument for liking the digital. It makes a lot of sense, and you are right, there's no right or wrong, just personal preference. Thank you!

Senta- I am with you...which is why I had the idea of taking a poll.

Bella, Thank you! I like to try things out. I am one of those people that gets into a little bit of everything... and I am not sure if that's necessarily a bad thing. I know some artists like to be focused and concentrate only on one medium, but I also see illustrators that develop a style and then carry it through to other mediums. I admire artists that can do this successfully.

Eric Barclay said...

They both look great! I prefer the colors of the digital piece, but like the depth of the painted one. If you want to get the same depth in your digital piece, you can add brush strokes in Photoshop and 'rough it up' a bit.

Whatever you decide on as being your primary medium, you may still want to produce work in the other as well as projects call for it.

Do you have to choose?

Good luck with your process... you have a lot of talent!

Nicky Linzey said...

I prefer the digital one as it looks more modern, great idea to have a poll!