Friday, June 27, 2008

Poll results are in!

First I want to thank everyone that participated by voting or commenting in last week's poll about which illustration style you liked better.  Before I get to the final results I wanted to explain why I had the poll. In my other life time (before I had kids) I used to be involved with focus groups to test user interfaces, navigation and design for web sites. I was always amazed by some of the findings, and learned that for successful design you cannon create in a bubble, you need to always get other's opinions.
I have been creating in my studio (my bubble) for quite some time, and sometimes my objectivity gets a little skewed, so I decided to have a poll and conduct my own little focus group. The results basically corroborate what I think...which is a strong preference for the acrylics and ink. However, as Eric suggested, I will not limit my options to only one medium. If I can translate my style to different mediums successfully, I think it would help my marketability.  In other words, I have a long road ahead of me. 
Thanks again really helped me get some perspective!

Final Poll Results:
56 total Votes
DIGITAL: 16 (28%)

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