Sunday, July 20, 2008

WINTER IN COLOR and one revision!

Here is the winter card. I changed it a bit from the original sketch because I wasn't completely happy with the pose of the little boy, I think this one is a little more dynamic. I also did a quick color study in Photoshop to work out the tonalities early on. I wanted the colors to be cool and wintery and not too gray or blue. 
color study in Photoshop

final in acrylics

I joined Monday Artday this past week and posted this little guy there. I received great feedback. One of the comments (which was one of my concerns) was that the little boy looked as if he was trying to burn the ants. I think I resolved the problem by changing the magnifying glass to a net. I think I like this much better, because it takes the boy from a passive role of watching, to an active role of catching bugs. 

I really like how these turned out. It was a good exercise to try to keep a common element (the tree) in all the pieces, but change the setting depending on the season. I also enjoyed using color to really show the difference of the seasons. My only concern is that the winter piece seems so different in color from the rest, but maybe that's okay.  Thanks for your feedback!


James J. Kemp said...

The colors for the winter scene reflect exactly what they should.
Soft,gentle pastel colors.

The artistic composition of the revision was flawless to begin with. The little boy's expression, on the other hand, leaves one questioning his motives.

krisztina maros said...

it's great solution against 'ants-burning'! (i didn't think that was a big problem, because the magnifying glass wasn't on radius of sunshine - although i understand your changing: if there is only one persone who sees this - it's an insistent exercise for artist.) well, it's perfect now! :)

Tom Barrett said...

They all mesh well together,and the colors in the winter scene are perfect.

Funny someone else mentioned the "ant burning." I was going to post it as a wry comment, but didn't want to give the impression I didn't like the scene. I knew what you were doing with it, and think it is fine either way.

Nice job, and a great addition to your portfolio!