Friday, August 8, 2008

MONDAY ARTDAY: 1 Character, 4 panels

I started this character as an exercise for last week's Illustration Friday theme poof. The idea evolved from a sketch to a series of illustrations for a mini story. I have colored two of the illustrations, and may complete the other two. 

As part of my process for this study, I had to use reference material. I am not sure how many artists draw from memory, but I am on of those that needs to look at the subject for better accuracy, or things begin to look a little too weird. Even if the lines of the subject are very simplified, it still gets a little tricky for me with perspective and such. I wish I had the time to take a drawing class with live models. I think it would really help my drawing abilities. For now, I will keep working with my two live models….my children! They don’t seem to mind either!

Any feedback or comments are always welcomed!


Diana Evans said...

Hi Edrian...these are wonderful...I would love for you to post the colored pieces....

nice work!

Bella Sinclair said...

Edrian! How wonderful! I really like the revised POOF panel with the expanded background. So much more energy in that one, and her expression shows even more surprise and shock than the original. The colors are beautiful.

The 4 panels are great. I like seeing her from the back on the first panel. My curiosity is piqued as much as hers. And I'm relieved the dog comes back (with all his legs) in the last panel. Whew! These tell a really lovely, concise, and emotion-packed story!

Anonymous said...

your kids are your best models, and your drawings look terrific, keep going!! : )

a : )