Friday, September 19, 2008


Here's my finished version of the 'Island' theme for Illustration Friday. I started painting and half way through it I lost my steam. Even though I did the color study at first, I just wasn't feeling it! Has this happened to anyone? Where you start a painting or illustration and half way you think it's all wrong? I liked the sketch, but once I added color it seemed that too much was going on. I finished it anyway hoping in the end it would work out, but I'm still unsure, so I played with it in Photoshop and created the black and white version below, which I like better. What do you think? 


Bella Sinclair said...

Super-duper! I honestly do like the color version. I don't think there's too much going on, and it's nice and cheery. But the b/w version is VERY dramatic, and the contrast between the dark background and the cupcake really draws your eye to the center. I have a particular fondness for b/w, so I like that one very much, too. So amazing how much color can change a picture, isn't it?

Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Edrian, I think it looks great! I really like the colored version better though. I find the b&w harder to read, the ants seem to get a bit lost. However the color version is lovely and bright, I really like it. It's a lovely piece :o)

It occurred t me that maybe what is bothering you is the red flower on the first plane that is drawing lot's of attention and competing a bit with the cupcake and ants. Maybe your could try and change that flower to another more subtle color or tone it down a bit.. also perhaps something near the blues, or greens family and see what happens. Just a thought but besides that I think is great!

Juan said...

Hola Edrian!
Recordaba que habías dejado pendiente la ilustrción de las hormigas la semana pasada :)
Te ha quedado realmente fantástico el trabajo terminado. Felicitaciones!

dintoons said...

the color version is sweet, but personally, i love the classic b&w!! such mood and intensity! really gets one's imaginative energies into full swing!! thanx for sharing!!
a lovely blog here :)

Edrian Thomidis said...

Bella, I agree with the DRAMA of the B&W, maybe too dramatic for children's books!

Alicia, interesting that you think the ants get lost in the B&W, I thought the opposite, but you may be right about that red flower. :)

Juan - Gracias por acordrate y visitarme nuevamente!

Dintoons- I'm glad you like my blog. You are welcome here any time!

Heather said...

Cute idea and I like the way the diagonal gives it a sense of being off balance. I have experienced the middle muddles in an illustration. I don't know why they happen though.