Friday, October 3, 2008

About portfolios

I am 5 months into my 1 year timeline of being ready to send out my work to publishers etc. I think I am making great progress and know I will be ready, (my one big dilemma for next year is  whether or not I will really have the time to dive into projects with my current family obligations...humm?) 
I am planning on attending the Miami conference in January to get feedback on my portfolio, but I first need to make enough WOW pieces to assemble it. Since the holiday season is starting to ramp up, I know I won't have much time at the end of the year. I have been doing some research on how to assemble a portfolio and what to include etc.
I wanted to share some links I found that may be helpful to others in a similar situation. Also, if you are a professional illustrator reading this and want to share some of your thoughts about assembly, or anecdotal experience, please leave a post below.
Some of the articles below were written recently and some a few years back, but I found that most had many similarities. Most agreed on showing small portfolios, dividing the work by styles if you show different styles, creating a logo for yourself, showing no more than 15 pieces, and the most important element....only show your best work!

I am also on the market for a good small portfolio case, if you have any suggestions please let me know! - What do you think of leather cases vs. aluminum cases?


life without novacaine said...

Hi Edrian, thanks for these links, I am going to check them out when I get back this afternoon. Your question about the portfolio books in relation to cover types is a good one but don't worry about what type of book you have. When I attended the SCBWI conference this past summer, everyone I saw had simple inexpensive black books with slip in plastic sleeves. The lesser expensive ones at the art store should work fine. I wasn't there for the portfolio reviews but I heard that you leave your portfolio with them and pick it back up later. Lots of fingers touch your book so think sturdy yet not too costly. I was very concerned about my portfolio before I attended and I was glad I went with a plain one. Mine had a slip-in plastic pocket on the spine so I printed out a colorful spine with my name and logo. Easy. Hope that helped.

I'll send you more NY info later today!
Kindly, Deborah

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks for the links! And I agree with Deborah about the case.

Cock Yer Doodle said...

Hi Edrian,

I'm kinda in the same boat so I look forward to hearing more about your progress! I'll definitely check out those links. Thanks and good luck!