Monday, February 2, 2009

Over the Weekend...

I disconnected over the weekend and was able to relax. I still checked emails and updated my FB status, but I did not have any computer time. It's amazing to see how distracting surfing and blogging could be. Sometimes I wonder what would we all do if all of this technology stopped working for a week???... Ah, maybe not!
Let's not tempt fate!

I did not draw or paint, but I did buy some arts supplies and managed to knit a scarf for my 6 year old girl. It turned out great!

Friday afternoon I received the cards above. It was a prize I won over at Christy's blog, Tiddly Inks. Her cards are so adorable and I was so excited to have won them! Thank you Christy! You are so talented!

These are the new books I bought and received last week. I still haven't begun to explore them, but they are a must read for me!

I won't be participating on IF this week. In fact, I may take some weeks off to get caught up with fixing some portfolio pieces. I am also painting and finishing a chest for my son's school auction, and that project will be time consuming.

I just added some ACEO cards over at my etsy shop, and I will be adding some originals soon. 

Have a great week!


Tom Barrett said...

Hope you are recharged after your weekend off!

I have read "Illustrating Children's Books", and it is a great resource, and one of the very few books that I know of that specifically deal with illustration.

life without novacaine said...

Oooo, the "Writing with Pictures" book, second from the back is the book we have for our class text book. Joy Chu, the instructor, says it is one of the best. I had rented it from the library before but never got around to reading it. This time I will! I'll let you know how I am liking it. Maybe you can let me know how you like it and all the other wonderful books you show on your blog. Happy reading.

Oh, congrats on taking time away. It can be hard to do that sometimes but very necessary for rejuvenating oneself.


PS. Thank you for the award. I will get to posting tonight!

artgirly said...

so cute! i love the scarf too! you did great!

Heather said...

Those books look like a wonderful time. And GAWK FB can really be a time warp (as I'm learning.) Good for you for taking some time to unplug and sort out. We all need downtime.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oooh, I'm interesting in getting an illustration book. Don't know why. Just for curiosity and dreaming, I guess. Let us know which one you liked best!

And CUTE CUTE CUTE scarf! Looks really soft and fuzzy.

Jessica said...

The scarf you made is so adorable, my 4 year old saw the picture and wants one. LOL

It is rejuvenating to take time off from internet and get things done! I am in need of doing that again right now.

Have a happy day!

p.s. It's nice to meet you on the OWOH caravan. :)