Friday, March 13, 2009

My good friend Annie started her blog Hip Organic Mama not too long ago and already she has a strong following, and rightly so! Her blog is a wonderful resource for mom's trying to provide a healthier lifestyle to their families while being greener to our planet. 

She was kind enough to award me the Kreativ Blogger award, and I feel so honored as she is a wonderful inspiration. When I had my kids she inspired me to make healthier choices for my family. I've also learned a recipe or two from her. She is really fantastic. Please take the time to check out her blog!

Oh, right ... I need to nominate 10 people, but since I think all of my blogging friends are so creative... I nominate everyone on my 'Blogs I Read' list. Go ahead, take a peak... you'll find some amazing artwork!

On another note, I finally joined the SCBWI! 

Have a great weekend!


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