Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am on Facebook and Twitter!

Yes, I've finally gave in and joined the thousands of people on FaceBook and Twitter! I've been on Facebook for a while, but I finally decided to create a fan page. Honestly, I think other than my mom and a few close friends, I'm not sure who'll be a fan. But, I decided to put the page out there hoping to reach those people that stay on Facebook or Twitter and don't blog as much.

This page is directly connected with my Twitter status updates and will focus primarily on anything related to my career. I want to keep my followers informed of my progress in the publishing world and yes some personal stuff as well. Otherwise, where’s the fun?
My twitter updates will update on my fan page and vice versa. Just click the 'become a fan' button on the top right!

Mailer update: I'm still waiting for UPS for my last mailer piece. Hopefully I will have something in the mail tomorrow!

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