Saturday, February 5, 2011

Updated illustration for Animal Birthday Party

This is probably the 3rd rendering of this idea. It is amazing how much perspective you can gain from taking a break and coming back with a renewed and fresh view on things. I can say that 2010 was a growth year for me. I really struggled with my style. As much as I thought I had it figured out, I still felt the line weight and eyes were a bit forced and made the illustrations more stiff. Somewhere between the pencil and the inking, I was loosing the fluid feel of the drawing. My thoughts were confirmed when I had a very candid email exchange with an agent that represents very accomplished illustrators.

I have tweaked some of my past illustrations to make this small modification while keeping all the work consistent. I've gone back to working only with pencil and skipping the inking process. As of today, I am quite pleased with the work. Of course, that won't last for ever since it is only natural to keep evolving and changing as an artist.

I'll post some of the other revisions later this week.

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life without novacaine said...

I remember this illustration. It would be really cool to see your progress and post all three together! Ha-ha, asking for more...
I like the pencil line thickness too. I do have to say I am especially drawn to thick black lines though... probably because I am a commercial artist.
Glad to see you are motivated with children's illustration! One day I will be too. : )