Sunday, July 10, 2011

Promo Process - June Mailer.

I know I had shared this piece on an earlier post, but now that I can openly share that this was OnceUponaSketch's first mailer as a group, I can also tell you a bit more about the process.

As a group we decided on the theme of mythical creatures and I wanted to focus on a Unicorn. The design of the postcards was pre-selected and we all had to work within a specific format.
Below are a few images that highlight my process.

I start with a sketch (not shown), which I then clean up, and use as my final art line once I scan it (first image). I then add color, shadows, and all other details (image 2). I wanted to use a soft palette that would complement the light colors of the Unicorn, but wanted to balance it out with some splash of color shown on the flowers and fairy dresses. I also wanted to give the right shading to the Unicorn to balance the dark eye, but without taking away from the movement of the piece. This last part was a bit more challenging and I used the “call a friend” card. I asked my peers and they were able to help me get the right balance.

Tip: Another tool that I use constantly as I’m working is the saturation tool, and I usually have it as a separate layer. It allows me to see that I have a good tonal value throughout the composition (image 3).


theartofpuro said...

It's fantastic!Love the soft color and the characters:)

Edrian Thomidis said...

Thanks for your comment! The colors were a bit different for my usual palette but it was a nice change.