Sunday, August 9, 2009

NO COMPUTER FOR A WEEK! (No, it wasn't a punishment)

I was without a computer all week! Last Sunday night the hard drive on my iMac just gave out. My computer is just over a year old, so I was really surprised to see the hard drive error out. I also have a Time Machine back up set up, but it had been giving me many ‘unsuccessful back up’ errors for over a month so I was really nervous about how much work I had potentially lost. My husband, who is gifted with anything related to computers and telecommunications, was able to get the machine up and running for the purpose of verifying the back up.

We had also bought an Apple protection plan when we purchased the machine, so once we verified that the back up had indeed been working, we took the machine to Apple on Tuesday. They had it ready by Friday with a new drive and OS installed. It took my husband over a day to get the back up restored and everything running, but I have to say the back up system was flawless! I have everything just as before and other than the initial ‘freak out’ and loosing a week’s worth of time, it was really painless!!!

My recommendation other than having a back up is … definitely invest on a protection plan or added warranty, you just never know!

Also, BIG thanks to my hubby for taking care of all the technical stuff!!


Roberta said...

I have a couple of blog awards for you Edrian!

Heather said...

Yikes! I've got to look into a better back up scenario.

Diana Evans said...

oh that is no fun!!! I have to agree my back ups save me everytime!!!!