Friday, October 3, 2008

IF update and portfolio

I had some time last weekend and played around with my original illustration to see if I could get it to a point where I was happy with it without changing it completely. My basic problem was that the main characters (the ants) were a little lost. (see previous post) There seemed to be a lot more going on around them. I wasn't sure if the problem was the color or the overall composition. I used someone's suggestion about making the flower green, and it was a bit better, but the overall foliage still overpowered the ants. I brightened up the ants, but the big cupcake was still a major visual point, and I did not want to make the cupcake darker or more dull because, well, it's a cupcake, it needs to look yummy!
My final change was to crop the image focusing in on the ants, and I think this is a stronger piece than the original. I am still not sure if I will add it to my portfolio.

Speaking of portfolios, I have been thinking about mine quite a bit lately.  I have been thinking about how to assemble it and what pieces to put in it. Do people still use leather cases? I also think I need some good black and white or graphite pencil pieces in there.  I have read the artist portfolio 101 and think I have a little bit of everything.  However, if you have any suggestions or links please share them here.


Alicia Padrón said...

I like it Edrian, but I understand what you mean. This has happened to me before.. sometimes there are some illustrations that I can't put my finger on it, just don't make me happy. I usually leave them aside for a long time and then pick them up and it is easier to see it with newer eyes. Sometimes there is no going around it and I leave it for good.

That's ok all is part of the experimenting and learning process. But I do like it :o)

About the portfolio, read a comment I left some posts down.

Diana Evans said...

LOVE IT!!!! it looks awesome...

nice work and thanks for all your thoughts ...nice to see how you think and see it all come together...


Carli said...

Hi Edrian
I like this piece. I too have been thinking a lot about sprucing up my portfolio and cleaning out some clutter that doesn't fit. As for your question about portfolios, I just went to my first conference and portfolio critique. I went out and bought a huge portfolio case because most of my pieces are pretty large. THen I was reading something on the internet about not taking your originals along. Anyway I ended up having color copies made of everything shrunk down to letter size. then I used a much smaller portfolio. I didn't see a lot of big "art sschool" portfolios there. Most people had the same size portfolio I had and one lady actually had her laptop. we were sitting at a two person table for the critique so anything larger would have been awkward. I hope that helps. good luck getting it all pulled together

Carli said...

Hi Edrian,
Thank you for the comments you left on my blog. you asked about the size of the portfolios. Mine was 8.5 x 11 inches. Most were about that size. some may have been a little larger but I didn't see any huge, bulky portfolios.
I think your reasons for taking your time are great. I also have two children and sometimes worry if I am spending too much time doing this or that and not enough time with them. I guess you just have to find that perfect, magical balance between family and your goals. my little guy just turned 2 in September so he will go to school in 2012 and my older son will go next year. thanks again for the comment you left I hope that is helpful.
Have a wonderful weekend

Chickengirl said...

Your colors are really rich and its fun to look at. I'm enjoying your other posts too with getting your portfolio together.

Thanks for the link, we all need a little refresher on getting our portfolio up to date and the best that we can get it to be!

Tom Barrett said...

Turned out great. The color looks perfect. And I like how you cropped it.